About Room 123

Welcome to Mrs. Mooney’s first grade classroom!

We are learning together at Richards School in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, USA.  Throughout the year, we focus on reading, writing, and math.  We also study science and social studies.  Our specials include music, art,and phy ed; we also visit our school library each week.  Field trips, class parties, and other special events add to the excitement of the school year.

Why a blog?

We have three main goals for our classroom blog.  The first is to use various media to keep parents more informed about what and how students are learning in our classroom.  The second is to provide a real audience with whom students can share their learning.  While doing so, students will learn more about using various media to accomplish their aims.  Finally, we will all be able to explore and learn from others throughout the world.

How can you help?

We hope you will read our blog regularly and then offer your comments.  We also hope you will share it with family and friends.  Room 123 appreciates your support!