Wondrous Words

A large and wide-ranging vocabulary is key to deep comprehension when listening and reading as well as to effective communication when speaking and writing. To help students develop such vocabularies, students are introduced to several new words each week. Most words are connected to literature being read in class. Often, the words have multiple meanings. Students listen and look for these words throughout the day, eventually making the words their own.

These words are intended to become part of students’ listening and speaking vocabularies in first grade. Families can help students by incorporating these words into conversation at home! Look for new words along with student-friendly definitions each week.

close-up: a photo or detailed drawing that zooms in and shows what something very small looks like
caption: a sentence that tells what is in a photo or detailed drawing
cut-away: shows what something looks like inside
detailed drawing: shows almost exactly what something looks like
photograph: shows exactly what something looks like
lose heart: to feel sad and discouraged
unexpected: not what was planned; not what is usual
nifty: really good, cool, or useful
pesky: annoying; like a pest
swap: to trade one thing for another
roll your eyes: to move your eyes around in a circle to show that you are annoyed or that something seems dumb to you
curdle: to clump up, like cottage cheese
proud: feeling good about what you have done
spoiled: not safe to eat; ruined; given special treats or allowed to do special things
font: different styles or kinds of letters
craft: a boat or space ship; to make something; the special things an expert knows how to do
sunny: no clouds in the sky; cheerful
regal: looking and acting like a king or a queen
outgoing: friendly; likes to meet new people
hot-head: gets angry easily, even over little things
floating: to stay above land, water, or an object
splashing: to move your arms or legs in water
you crack me up: to make someone laugh
chuckle: to laugh a little bit
skeptic: someone who listens carefully, thinks about what was said, asks questions if they don’t understand, and sometimes respectfully disagrees and explains why
schema: everything in your brain; everything you know and remember
persevere: keep trying, even when it is hard
community: a place where people live; a group of people who work together to do the same thing